WA is led by two of Seattle’s most iconic avant-garde improvisers, multi-instrumentalist Simon Henneman and percussionist Gregg Keplinger, and also includes guitarist C.J. Stout and percussionist Sean Lane. Called “cinematic, dark, beautiful and liberating” (CD Times, UK) Simon Henneman entered the public sphere with his work in the Seattle avant-garde and alternative music scene in the 80s. A tireless advocate for experimental music, Henneman’s artistic output is impressive. Bands such as Kuru Cult, Emperor Norton’s Cabal, and Glass Tit & the Other Glass Tit have become springboards for a wide range of recorded music.

Gregg Keplinger is a legend of the Seattle jazz scene. A master drum maker and technician, he is known the world over for his control and impressive textural range on the drums. His six albums, Absurd World Country, Not Out For Anywhere, Lost Valentine, Language, Tribute, and Crush Velour–Eyes Opened, show a range of music without boundaries. His music is sourced from jazz, opera, rock, and an authoritative handle on the 60s avant-grade tradition.

A lifelong guitarist who has been present in Seattle’s music scene for the last 10 years, C.J. aims to destroy convention by making electric guitar sound more like sounds that occur in the natural world. CJ detests vague, abstract, and trite statements.


“Imagine the sound of John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Gene Krupa, and the St. Patrick’s Church Choir… all blowing at once and you’re in the ballpark.” — All About Jazz on the music of Gregg Keplinger.

“Apocalypse-ready guitar that’s pure shrapnel twang.” — Seattle Times on the music of Simon Henneman.