Human Feel Holds Master Class June 27th

This event isn’t of our creation, but we wanted to inform you about the exciting masterclass being held by Human Feel. This masterclass will take place at the JewelBox Theater on Friday June 27th at 2:00 PM, and all are invited to come ask questions and hear the group perform.- Human Feel - Jim Black, Chris Speed…

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Burn List to Release First Record on T&C

Burn List, a new collaboration from Seattle’s scorching new music scene features trumpeter Cuong Vu, tenor saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi, keyboardist Aaron Otheim, and drummer Chris Icasiano. Marking the meeting of two distinctive generations of creative new music in Seattle, each member of Burn List have uniquely contributed their musical DNA to the city’s musical lineage…

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Do Computers Improvise? — netcat's Installation at the Ballard Jazz Walk

“Do computers improvise?” - netcat’s interactive audio installation and record release show at the Ballard Jazz Walk netcat is T&C’s newest family member and features keyboardist Andrew Olmstead, chango and percussionist Brandon Lucia, and cellist David Balatero. As part of the Table & Chairs label showcase at the Ballard Jazz Walk on Friday, April 18th, they will…

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