Evan Woodle


Evan Woodle’s debut solo drum set work, “Nth,” certainly contains evidence of the impressive level of musicianship that you might expect from a thoroughly trained and deeply knowledgable modern-day drummer with a jazz background; the minimalistic, symphonic-like drum piece demonstrates impeccable technique, masterful dynamic control, and the intelligent use of odd and superimposed time signatures. Behind the perfect execution, however, one can sense a foundation of honesty and humility in the performance. It’s Evan’s unique voice and mature artistry that makes this twenty-one minute composition stand out. “Nth” is technical skill meets truly inspired innovation. Subtle, patient, and tastefully orchestrated, it plays devils advocate with its own compartmentalized variety of timbres, walking us through what feels like the entire range and depth of human emotion. Each section is contained while also being unpredictable resulting in a shifting rhythmic landscape that takes us from one view to the next at the exact moment that we need it. Pulsing and pleasingly repetitive, with twists and turns, “Nth” is worthy of hours of intellectual analysis, usable as a driving emotional soundtrack for intense philosophical thought, or most fittingly as a one-of-a-kind listening experience.


“…my favorite young drummer” – Omar Willey, The Seattle Star

Emerging Artist Nominee, Earshot Golden Ear Awards