Chemical Clock


United in their common desire to experiment in new musical territories, Seattle-based quartet Chemical Clock have established themselves as a fresh, distinct voice among a legion of inspired and energetic young musicians to emerge from the Northwest in recent years. The band’s indefinable avant-electro-acoustic sound is a patchwork that combines the members’ jazz backgrounds with such diverse elements as hip-hop, prog-rock, and contemporary classical music. With effected and reverberant trumpeting, bit-crushed keys, explosive drum-setsmanship and ironclad bass-work, Chemical Clock pilots their way through nigh-unnavigable passages of composition, deftly maneuvering through sinewy melodic channels with studied fluency. In tandem, the ensemble whiplashes to and fro betwixt convulsive improvisation and calculated musical constructions with a coherency that often seems telepathic.


“Fierce, abrasive, angular and breathtakingly precise…”— The Seattle Times

“Chemical Clock played jazz as if they were German math geniuses doing mushrooms after hours at the CERN.”— Hollow Earth Radio

“… an aggressive and determined young band with a lot of good ideas and more than enough chops to pull them off.” — Dave Wayne, All About Jazz