Burn List


Burn List, a new collaboration from Seattle’s scorching new music scene features trumpeter Cuong Vu, tenor saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi, keyboardist Aaron Otheim, and drummer Chris Icasiano. Marking the meeting of two distinctive generations of creative new music in Seattle, each member of Burn List have uniquely contributed their musical DNA to the city’s musical lineage. Having been on the forefront of the scene as established veterans, Vu and Sinibaldi each offer unique compositional approaches and styles that have helped shape the newest generation of musicians in Seattle. Icasiano and Otheim are, in part, products of those contributions and they form Burn List’s paired-down rhythm section combination of keyboard and drums pushing to create a new sonic approach to the music and group improvisation. Burn List’s unique interface with improvisation and original compositions draw from wide musical influences ranging from Ligeti to Albert Ayler to Aphex Twin to Meshuggah and many things in between. Siphoned through the band’s collective aesthetics, the music freely crisscrosses genres resulting in a new musical sound that is thoughtful, energetic, current and original.


“The Burn List is a summit meeting of Seattle’s Best … the best progressive jazz (aka “New Music”) musicians, that is. The vibrant and overlooked scene has consistently provided music that probes the contemporary boundaries of jazz, and often locates the best areas of overlap between jazz of new styles of music.”

Something Else Reviews, May 2014