For many generations the ancient Lawsonites lived at sea in ships, traveling and exploring the seemingly endless reaches of the ocean. They are believed to have had an acute instinctual awareness of direction, and never laid anchor anywhere, constantly sailing or drifting and only coming to land for supplies and repairs.

After many ages of life at sea the Lawsonites suddenly decided to abandon their ships and leave the ocean. After traveling a great distance east over the Stawnee Mountain Range they came to inhabit their current location on land. Just like their ancestors, the modern-day Lawsonites continually travel, creating their own trail systems and only stopping out of necessity.

Some are curious as to whether or not there are still some tribes living at sea today. But they will most likely never know, as it is not in the nature of the Lawsonites to leave a region unless it is an issue of survival.

The Lawson Ensemble performs original music inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Lawsonite people. Past and current members include Theo Padouvas (trumpet), Matt Ingalls (clarinet), Drew Ceccato, Matt Nelson (tenor sax), Cory Wright (baritone sax), Rob Ewing (trombone), Michael Coleman, Dan VanHassel (keyboards), and Dan Good (electronics and trumpet)