Operation ID


Operation ID is Seattle’s (the world’s?) only minimalistic, avant-garde, electro-pop, noise-cluster, synth-rock, free-jazz, experimental, dance-prog band. Originally interested in the spontaneity of free-improvisation, Operation ID’s open-mindedness has guided them to embrace a position of willingness when experimenting with new sounds and musical approaches. Beginning as a strictly instrumental outfit, they eventually began to incorporate group singing into many of their compositions. This mixture of carefully arranged vocal harmonies and their unmistakeable brand of “thought-rock” has become one of the band’s defining characteristics. In listening to the music of Operation ID, it is clear that a wry sense of humor and a palpable, serious devotion to the craft of composition have played a part in the development of their sound. Their twofold identity is easy to catch onto, as glimmers of their well-known and diverse influences—Steve Reich, Talk Talk, Hella, Prince, XTC, Richie Hawtin, Deerhoof—often are detectable within the span of one track. Simultaneously booty-shaking and brow-furrowing, us folks at the label can only begin to imagine where the strange men of Operation ID will take us next. Their forthcoming LP entitled LEGS is due to be released in March of 2011 on our very own Table & Chairs.

Operation ID is: David Balatero (Bass), Evan Woodle (Drums), Ivan Arteaga (Saxophone), Jared Borkowski (Guitar), Rob Hanlon (Keyboard)


“…if you don’t live in or around the Seattle area, then I realize you haven’t heard of them and so far you’re not excited… But, let me just say that I won’t wait to tell you that it’s a nominee for LoveSound’s ‘Album Of The Year’ for 2011.”—LoveSound Magazine

“Improvised sections ranged in style from chaotic free-for-all to hazy quasi-impressionism to frenetic rock; there were wailing saxophones and guitars, and moody clarinets and atmospheric hazes. The level of energy, though, never waned.” —The StormSound Cycle