Kim Cass


Growing up in the small island town of Bar Harbor, Maine, Kim Cass developed his prodigious talents as a virtuoso jazz bass player early on. In the early 2000s, while still a teenager, Kim began making home solo recordings using a simple keyboard. Already with the mark of an utterly unique musical thinker, burnt CDs began to circulate like wildfire amongst fellow students at the New England Conservatory. After college Kim began another focused course of study with the trio Anteater, a “rhythmic laboratory” where ideas were workshopped and put into practice. 2 years later the complexity and rigor of the music necessitated a move to playing solo with pre-recorded electronics.

This long-awaited debut solo release fearlessly presents the acoustic bass in a virtual obstacle course of jaw-dropping electronic sounds. The music of “KIM CASS” was composed and performed entirely by hand with no sequencing. A unique polyrhythmic language is intuitively arranged and precisely executed to create the illusion of constantly shifting tempos. Each piece is held together by a single tempo; nothing is rubato. You must hear it to believe it.


Stay tuned.