King Tears Bat Trip To Release Self-Titled Debut On March 24th

March 17th, 2012

In precisely one week, Table & Chairs will be releasing¬†a new self-titled record by King Tears Bat Trip. Coinciding with a performance at The Chapel Performance space, KTBT will unleash two massive 18-minute-long compositions in digital form on the T&C web store. This four-drummer-deep ensemble has a sound all its own; unrelenting Voudou dance beats and folksy, Albert-Ayleresque spirit melodies coalesce into all-encompassing clouds of sound, and as a helpless onlooker, it’s all you can do not to dance along. The giant, resonant hall at The Good Shepherd Center is going to be an ideal space to hear this music.

Also, T&C artists Simon Henneman and Gregg Keplinger will be performing at the event with WA. We recently released their record, Cross The Center, during the Racer Sessions festival. You can pick that album up over at their store page in physical or digital formats.

As a preview of what you’re in for, here’s a little live video put together by our friends over at Improvised Music Project from last year’s IMPfest:

Look for King Tears Bat Trip next Saturday in the T&C webstore. Download cards will also be available for purchase at the release show. See you then!