New Website & Other Dealings

December 14th, 2011

Our two-man-deep design team has been working tirelessly to launch a shiny new website, and the good news is, you’re looking at it.

A brief overview: we’ve ditched the magic eye poster/shroom-oriented/1991-era-Broderbund-software vibe in favor of a clean white environment that clearly represents our artists and that chronicles our label dealings in a straightforward manner. The extensive aesthetic adjustments ought to result in an improved experience for our listeners and readers. We like to think that it reads a bit more like “highly-curated East coast quarterly art house publication” and less “my nephew is really good with Photoshop.”

Beyond the visual overhaul, we’ve added tons of new features to the site, including—but not limited to—the integration of our weekly Racer Sessions to the main page, ultra-dense and informative artist pages, clear channels of communication to our press and sales team, and a number of other items that we’ve upgraded. Pretty slick, eh?

Although we’ve made a huge number of renovations to our site, we aren’t through tying up all of the loose ends just yet. Please bear with us while we work to implement a few remaining features and transition our webstore over from Bandcamp to a new integrated system. In the coming weeks we’re going to be moving our entire web shop over to a service that allows for extensive site integration, and the experience of buying a record from us online will be streamlined and painless. In the very near future you’ll be able to click something like a “BUY THIS ALBUM” button on an artist’s page, and you won’t be redirected to a separate site. Also, you’ll be able to fill up a “cart” with all of your favorite T&C records, as opposed to purchasing them one by one. The old store will continue operating—for better or for worse—until the new store has been phased in completely. There are a few more kinks to work out, too, but we’re going to be addressing those as soon as we’re able.

Well, that’s the news from the front. Look out for some exciting new records and writings here on our new site in the next month.

All The Best,


P.S. Mark your calendars! January 13th through the 15th marks the first annual Racer Sessions festival, taking place in honor of RS’ second anniversary. Check back soon for details.